Funtime Comics Anthology Issue 28

unrated This issue hasn't been rated for age-appropriateness

Comics shouldn’t be restricted to black outlines with colour fills. Alex McCrone, artist behind Nothing Fits, provides a rich illustrative cover that bridges the gap between illustration and comic art to present a fresh and organic style.

We love Armageddon for the aspiring artists and writers we meet there. Ryan Green and Sean Lewis stumbled upon us at the Auckland and Christchurch Armageddon expos, and now grace our pages with Sophie & Gil and Solheim's Curse respectively.

Isaac Freeman's Glop, and Bob Gibbon's Mr. Blurt have been fixtures of Funtime for over 20 years. We've missed having them in recent issues, but now they return with their penultimate episodes.

Rae Joyce shares her opinions on New Zealand comics with her thought provoking article, “Comics, Colonialism and Competent Boys in Aotearoa.” It’s a taster of her full essay in Three Words: An anthology of women's comics and cartoons, forthcoming from Beatnik.

Featuring the work of:

  • Alex McCrone 
  • Grant Buist 
  • Dan Brader 
  • Yi Lang Chen 
  • Ryan Green 
  • Bob Gibbons 
  • Sarah Lund 
  • Sean Lewis 
  • Isaac Freeman 
  • Tony Scanlan 
  • Matthew Cox 
  • Indira Neville 
  • James Davidson 
  • Jared Lane  
  • Alesha May